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The Irish Breathalyzer Shop only sells high quality premium breathalyzer units to Ireland and Europe. We are an established retailer of quality breathalyzer units. We offer highly competitive prices with free postage and packing and same day dispatch to Ireland. We are specialists in the sale of breathalyzers to individuals, companies & health care specialists. We do not sell novelty, gimmick style breathalyzers and specialise in quality, reliable and accurate machines. We supply hundreds of Breathalyzer units per year to Ireland and can offer help and advice should the need arise. Buy your breathalyzer with confidence, before it is too late.


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With the arrival of massively increased GARDAI random breath tests it is even more important to buy a quality, reliable and accurate breathalyzer.

GARDA statistics speak for themselves:

  • 30,000 people per month liable to be breathalyzed
  • Approximately 400 people per week are arrested for drink driving
  • Since the introduction of random breath testing Gardai have breathalyzed 6,000 motorists each week. This is in comparison to approx 10,000 tests carried out in the whole of 2012.


The GARDA statistics show that even more people will be arrested for drink/driving since the introduction of random testing - this will probably be higher running upto Christmas. 20,000 people a month are now liable to be breathalysed - The GARDA Traffic Corps is currently expanding in order to increase the number of random breath tests that it carries out in Ireland.
28,000 people were arrested last year. 6000 random breath tests...........DON'T TAKE THE RISK


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