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AlcoVisor Mk X Breathalyzer - Garda Accuracy Alcovisor Mk X Breathalyzer - Garda accuracy

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New Mk X Breathalyzer with LCD Colour Screen




Alcovisor Mk X



These are serious breathalyzers for use when absolute precision is required. They are in use with a substantial number of employers and individuals who do not wish to compromise on accuracy. The Mk X offers Police grade accuracy at a fraction of a cost of a Draeger 6510/6810 series.


This version is the BRAND NEW full colour TFT LCD screen featuring a 10,000 test memory and real time clock and date display. It also offers the ability to rapidly screen a number of individuals in FAST mode, If alcohol is detected then a further test can be taken which will offer a highly accurate result.



There are cheaper semi-conductor breathalyser units on the market that are allegedly of comparable accuracy to Police grade equipment.

You may wish to ask for proof of the independent testing certificates to clarify the position.

Ask yourself if a breathalyser can offer Police accuracy for less than €100.00, then why do The Gardai, UK Police and World Police Forces not use semi - conductor devices and insist on fuel cell sensor technology as used in the Alcovisor Mk X ?

This is a 'fuel cell' breathalyzer which features an electrochemical sensor offering substantial improvements in accuracy over the less accurate 'semi conductor' style devices. The sensor in the Mk X is manufactured by a World leading Police grade breathalyser sensor manufacturer - superb accuracy and reliability. The sensor manufacturer supplies sensors to Lion Laboratories - World Leading Police Issue Suppliers.


Results of the Wired Test for Alcovisor Mk X


Why risk anything else ?

We are the only stockists in Ireland of this exciting new breathalyser.


A perfect tool for professional level employee screening/testing, including high volume testing of numerous employees on a daily basis. This is also a superb model for individuals requiring high level accuracy.

The New Mk X breathalyzer units are ideal for bulk testing, as the fuel cell sensor does not lose its accuracy as quickly as the semi conductor sensors on cheaper models.. The Mk X uses volumetric measurement (A highly accurate metered volume of a breath sample) enabling it to pass stringent accuracy checking at all levels.


After taking the sample, you get a conclusive and objective result, which gives you the basis for further actions should you require - perfect for the employee screening environment where precision is essential.


Pack Contents:

Full Pro Presentation Box, carry pouch, 5 Reusable Washable Mouthpieces, 4 x Free AAA Battery, Carry Strap, Full easy user guide.



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Alcovisor Mk X Police Grade Breathalyser €390.00
Alcovisor Mk X Police Grade Breathalyser €415.00




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