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CA20 Pro


CA20 Pro Breathalyzer

Breathalyzers all useable to new Irish limits

CA20 Pro Breathalyzer &  Compact Resin Case


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CA20 Pro Breathalyzer


The Pro Drive CA20 is a superb new edition to the Irish Breathalyzer Shop range. It offers professional grade results thanks to the new 'Smart' fuel cell sensor installed.

All Police units use 'fuel cell' sensors to offer on-going premium breathalyzer accuracy with superb build and display qulaity. A true bargain at this price point !

The CA20 Pro Drive Breathalyzer has replaced the older AL6000 and AL7000 models which we no longer stock. The older models used less accurate and less reliable old technology containing a semi-conductor sensor.

Do not confuse this with the older and cheaper style AL6000 Pro model as sold by some competitor websites- The older version offers nowhere near the same accuracy levels as the CA20 Pro device = accuracy when you need it at a great, affordable price.

The CA20 Pro offers very high accuracy and sophisticated alcohol sensing technology making it extremely popular with companies and individuals requiring high precision and professional reliability.


It is supplied with a hard pro resin protectice compact case, 1 x Free Qulaity Battery and 3 reusable, fully washable plastic mouthpieces. Full instruction manual and easy, quick start guide.

We now offer 'bundle' packages to include the CA20 Pro, with a pack of extar 50 mouthpieces and a recalibration coucher, ideal for employee testing or screening.

Some competitor websites are still selling the older model AL6000 and AL7000 - buy the neweest, most accurate sensor technology available !

The CA20 Pro is calibrated to Irish standards but is fully usable in any country.

Current Users:

Law enforcement (non Eire), Universities, Schools, NHS, Military Police Forces Worldwide and Airline Pilots.




Free Delivery & Same Day Dispatch

12 Month Warranty

Registered European Certificate

FDA /ISO Certified

Registered US DOT

FDA Approved/ISO Certified

NHTA (National Highway Traffic Admin) Approval


Mouth Piece 3x Washable Mouthpiece
Sensor Premium Fuel Cell Smart Sensor
Indication of BrAc 0.00 to 2.00 mg/litre % BrAC
Warm Up Time Below 30 seconds
Response Time Within 3 seconds
Power Supply 1 x Battery (Included)
Weight 85g including batteries
Dimensions (mm) 104mm Height x 40 width x 20 Depth
Remarks Battery Low Warning, Auto Power Off
Recycle Time 10 seconds




Free Delivery & Same Day Dispatch


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CA20 Pro Breathalyser €159.00
CA20 Pro Breathalyser & 50 Mouthpieces & Recalibration Voucher €215.00






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