All Breathalysers calibrated to Irish limits


  • Is it legal to use a breathalyzer ?
  • Yes of course, legal and very sensible ! It should however, only be used as a general guide to the level of alcohol in your body and not relied on to ensure you remain below the legal limit.
  • What are the Irish limits
  • The legal limit for alcohol levels in the body whilst driving a vehicle in the Irish Republic have recently changed:
  • 0.05% BAC (Breath Alcohol Content)- for 'most drivers'
  • 0.02% BAC (Breath Alcohol Content) - for professional drivers (HGV. Taxi etc)
  • 0.02% BAC (Breath Alcohol Content) - novice/newly qualified drivers. These limits are scientifically based: They are set at a level where, for most drivers, the chance of an accident involvement rises sharply. All our breathalysers are usable in Ireland and are calibrated to Irish limits as above. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE !
  • I'm very confused by all these numbers !!
  • We agree that it is very confusing. All of our breathalyzers are calibrated to Irish standards.
  • It could not be easier - turn on, fit a mouthpieces and blow until the beep stops (indicating a satisfactory sample). Wait a few seconds whilst the device analyses the sample and a straight readout of the alcohol on your breath will display. You can't get it wrong as all devices carry error sensing technology so if you don't blow strongly enough or for an adequate time period you will get an error message (normally 'FLOW')
  • All our breathalysers carry EASY TO USE instructions and the relevant limits are printed out for your reference . Beware - the reading is only a guide and must not be relied on. The only SAFE limit is a 0 reading and abstention from alcohol for a reasonable time period to ensure that the alcohol is extinguished from the body.


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