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AL7000 Premium Model


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AL7000 Pro Drive Plus Breathalyzer

Breathalyzers all useable to new Irish limits







AL7000 Pro Drive Plus Premium

Brand New AL7000 Breathalyzer, breathalyser Premium


€125.00 EUR

Free Delivery & Same Day Dispatch

10 Free Mouthpieces (15 Total)




The Pro Drive Plus AL7000 Premium is superb product offered by The Irish Breathalyzer Shop that promises the very best in cutting edge semi- conductor sensor technology and sleek, attractive design.


This is the only model available in the world that features Click In/Out sensor replacement aswell as a highly accurate, clear, easy to read, 3 decimal place LCD display. The very best in build quality and reliability is on offer with the brand new 2013 model. This model is not available from any other Irish Breathalyzer suppliers. We are the only stockists at present.

We only sell the AL7000 Pro Drive Plus Breathalyser Pack which includes a hard plastic compact carry case, soft protective carry pouch, 15 free mouthpieces, hand strap, 2 x AA batteries, easy start instructions. This is the brand new 2015 model (compact case) - only available from us.



AL7000 Breathalyzer - New Compact Box



Brand New AL7000 Breathalyzer, breathalyser Premium Showing sleek, slim design


When the AL7000 Pro Drive Plus requires calibration, simply click in a pre-calibrated sensor module. The breathalyzer is therefore always available, no down time for calibration. The breathalyzer comes with a precalibrated sensor already fitted and is ready for immediate use. Extra sensors may be purchased separately if required .


Order this month, and receive an extra 10 mouthpieces for free - total 15 mouthpieces with each order.


AL7000 Premium Breathalyzer showing 3 digit LCD display and sensor access door at rear Brand New AL7000 Breathalyzer, breathalyser Premium


Employers may wish to consider the employer pack which comes with an additional spare sensor and 50 mouthpieces in total. The spare pre calibrated sensor minimises 'downtime' of your breathalyzer - invaluable in the employee screening arena. Click on AL7000 Employer pack to buy.


High accuracy, sleek, cutting edge design. The AL7000 Pro Drive Plus Breathalyzer is calibrated to Irish standards but is fully usable in any country. Free Upgrade to same day dispatch will be automatically applied at dispatch.

New Users: Hospitals. Universities, Schools, Airline Pilots, Employers, Transport Professional, Individuals requiring High Accuracy  


Mouth Piece 5x Washable Mouthpiece (10 Free - 15 Total)
Sensor Semiconductor Oxide Sensor
Indication of BrAc 0.00 to 2.00 mg/litre % BrAC
Warm Up Time Below 30 seconds
Response Time Within 2 seconds
Power Supply 2 x AA Batteries (Included)
Weight 85g including batteries
Dimensions (mm) 104mm Height x 50 width x 20 Depth
Remarks Battery Low Warning, Auto Power Off, In Car Adaptor
Recycle Time 10 seconds




Free Delivery & Same Day Dispatch

12 Month Warranty

Registered European Certificate

FDA /ISO Certified

Registered US DOT

FDA Approved/ISO Certified

NHTA (National Highway Traffic Admin) Approval




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