French Breathalyzer

Breathalyzer for France French

Approved Breath Tester


Approved French Breathalyzers



French Approved Breathalyzers


Approved Breathalyzer for France


We are currently one of the very few approved distributors for the new French (NF) approved Breathalyzers.



There are numerous companies selling 'approved' breathalyzers. Most of these devices are not compliant with French Law and will not be accepted by French Police. You will be fined.

THE ONLY DEVICE THAT IS SUITABLE IS AN NF (French Laboratory Approved) BREATHALYZER ! We sell only the approved type, do not be fooled by other claims.

If you do not have a breathalyzer you will be liable for a fine. There are only 2 x types of breathalyzer tubes carrying French NF Approval - Irish Breathalyzer Shop have been appointed as Irish distributors for approved tubes - Buy With Confidence.

Sold in twin packs ie 2 x tubes and 2 x blow bags.


French Breathalyzer

French Breathalyzer

Breathalyzer for France

French Approved Breathalyser

Breathalyzers for French Driving

French Breathalyzers


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